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Introducing the NEW Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray

Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Order Tranquilene Now

Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray is a fast acting sleep aid like no other. A natural oral spray, Sleep Fast's drowsiness-inducing formula can absorb into the bloodstream much faster than a pill that needs to be digested first, and with a taste you will look forward to.

With an effective dose of melatonin along with valerian root, chamomile, 5-HTP, lemon balm and a few other key ingredients, SleepFast is the perfect nighttime complement to our daytime formula, Tranquilene. While Tranquilene works to keep you calm during the day it has only slight benefits to your body's sleep systems. Sleep Fast completes that puzzle and works with Tranquilene to make sure you have additional de-stressing support for the evening hours that are best spent peacefully sleeping.

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Tranquilene and Sleep Fast Single Month Supply.      $64.95
Tranquilene and Sleep Fast Monthly Auto–Ship Program. (Save $10 Plus FREE SHIPPING)  $67.45    $54.95
Sleep Fast Monthly Auto–Ship Program. (Save $5.00/month)  $24.95    $19.95
SleepFast 1 Month Supply – 32 Doses.      $24.95
SleepFast 3 Month Supply – 96 Doses. (Save 15.00/month plus FREE shipping!)  $74.85    $59.95

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